More than just a tool!

Taking your quality time to the next level.


No more loss of information during endless chats.


No need for additional apps to organize your events.


Everyone invited can make decisions and contribute.

Companies have currently focused on developing products to optimize pro­cesses in our working en­vi­ron­ment. Solutions for our personal lives have re­mained relatively ignored so far.

The time has come to optimize the way you organize your quality time!

Everything what you need in one app. Accessible and well organized.

How do you start? Simply enter all the information you already know about your event and decide all the other details with the participants. You and everyone invited will be able to get updates and details right up until your event kicks off. Never miss a thing.

Who is onboard?

Get invites out and keep track of who’s coming.

Once you have created an event, send the invitation link to the people you want to attend. They will be automatically added to the event and the member overview after clicking on the link.

Don't have the app yet? Everyone can temporarily view the event information in the browser version of Wupp. To enjoy the full advantages of Wupp, a user account can be created and the app can be downloaded.

When and at what time?

Find the right date so that everyone can make it.

Finding the perfect date and time for an event is one of the most difficult tasks to organize, especially when you are not in the same room. Wupp offers you one of the easiest and most efficient ways to solve this problem. For every event you create, you have the option to set up polls that let you find perfect date and time to get everyone together.

Where should we meet?

Decide on a location together and get notified about any updates.

Where to go or where to meet is a simple decision with Wupp. Use the text survey to decide together. You can set as many options as you need. Each poll can also be ended if necessary and the option with the majority can be chosen. When the location of the event is updated, everyone will be informed about the new meeting place, so no one can miss out.

What? How?Which one?

Make the best choice. Together.

No more fear of decisions! Instead of long discussions, use the poll function to let everyone have their say. Collective decisions make organization easier, letting you move forward with the option with the most votes.

Get all the inspiration you need.

Don't know what to do on a special day or for your meeting with your friends, colleagues or family? Don't worry! Wupp offers you a whole section of activities from multiple categories. Use the filters to find the ones that best suit your date, number of participants, location and budget! Each of these activities has the details and information you need to make the best choice.

From idea to booking?

Fast and uncomplicated.

To make it easier to decide on the group activity, simply post selected ones in the chat and a poll will be created. Any member can quickly participate in the vote directly through the chat. The results are easily visible for everyone. You can be sure that nobody misses anything. Book the activity and a ticket with all the relevant information will be attached to your event automatically. A tedious process made simple.

Don’t forget anything.

All tasks assigned and organized.

Arranging everything that needs to be done for the event can be easily done with Wupp. Every event can have its own to-do lists and each task can be assigned to yourself or to members. Tapping once means: "I will do it", tapping again means: "I have done it". Simple! Everyone can see the status of the task. Never forget anything again!

Till the last minute!

Every detail and update.

Most will be already familiar with the group chat. All the events you create or are invited to have their own chat where you can organize all the details and keep up to date.

Enjoy a new way of planning.
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