Wupp your free time!

Planning together has never been so easy.

Efficient, easy to use and highly interactive.

No more loss of infor­ma­tion during endless chats.

Keep an overview of your personal events with all the information you need just one click away.

No need for additional apps to organize your events.

The intuitive Wupp features make customizing your events fast and simple.

No more time-consuming searching and agreeing.

Every invited guest can easily take part, make suggestions and take decisions.

Everything what you need in one digital tool:

Just one click gives you an overview of all your gatherings, attendees, times, locations and what’s going on.

Every invitee can participate in the decision making process. Stay up to date with every change and detail, right up to the last minute. Don't miss a thing!

Less planning.
More quality time!

Wupp lets you free up time and takes the hassle out of organising.

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Get together, get inspired!

No more: "what shall we do today?" Wupp provides a variety of activities arranged, described and categorized to help you. All the information you need is already summarized so you can just concentrate on choosing what you want to do. Use the filters to optimize your search and find the most suitable activities on offer for you and all participants.

Finding, deciding, booking.

Have you found the perfect activity but want to make sure it's the right one for all the guests? Post your suggestions in the chat and a poll will be created automatically, so all participants can decide. Have you reached a decision? The next step is to book the activity and it will be automatically attached to your event. So easy! No additional tools needed.

Enjoy a new way of planning.
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Who is behind Wupp?

Wupp is our vision of a digital tool to take collective planning to the next level. We are a team with the belief that digital products can optimize our everyday life. Do you want to learn more about us?

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