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Soon for Android users:

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Our beta version for Android will be available for download from the Google Play Store soon. You can start organizing your meetings and inviting all your friends and family using its key features. This beta version of the app will be updated regularly to make sure you get the most out of the Wupp experience.

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With a single sign-in, you can log in from your smartphone, tablet and desktop. We are in the process of implementing all the necessary features to make using Wupp from any platform a seamless experience. You can access all your information wherever you are and whenever you want.

For iOS users:

The Wupp-Beta version is on its way.

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Who is behind Wupp?

Wupp is our vision of a digital tool to take collective planning to the next level. We are a team with the belief that digital products can optimize our everyday life. Do you want to learn more about us?

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